Can I Pay Someone to Marry Me For Citizenship?

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Can I pay someone to marry me for citizenship

The question “Can I pay someone to marry me for citizenship?” has gained massive attention on Facebook this week, with a Facebook group claiming it gained 1,000 members in a single night. The group, called Citizen4Me, has about 1,500 members as of Wednesday. Despite its legality, it’s also fraught with scams. Let’s discuss these scams and how to avoid them.


Paying someone to marry you for citizenship is illegal. While you may be in a relationship with a foreign national and would love to help them become citizens, it is illegal to marry someone purely for their citizenship. Such a practice is a form of marital fraud. Unlike a legitimate relationship, it is purely for money or favors. If you do not consider the marriage a genuine one, it may be an illegal practice.

Paying someone to marry you for citizenship is against the law, and the government has strict penalties in place for people who do it. The federal government views marriages for citizenship purposes as an illegal immigration scheme, and they can lead to severe consequences for all involved. Moreover, these types of marriages are considered “shams” by the Immigration and Nationality Act, and they may lead to criminal prosecution. In New York, if you’re considering such a practice, contact an immigration lawyer to get more information on the legality of this practice.


While there are several costs associated with marrying for citizenship, the basic filing fee is about $640, which includes an $85 biometric processing fee. However, the fee is waived for applicants who are over 75 years old. When applying for citizenship, applicants are also required to pass a civics test and undergo an interview. Whether you have to pay these fees or not will depend on your circumstances. Here is a breakdown of the costs associated with marrying for citizenship.

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The cost of marrying for citizenship depends on the level of care you’ll need. Typically, a K-1 visa requires your fiance to undergo a physical in his or her home country. The doctor’s fees will depend on the type of exam, but they will vary widely. After your fiance enters the country, the USCIS will review his or her medical records. If there are any errors, they may ask you to go through the process again. For example, an exam from a U.S. civil surgeon may cost $80.

Another cost associated with marriages for citizenship is the naturalization ceremony. Your spouse must take the Oath of Allegiance before he or she can apply for a U.S. passport. Once naturalized, your spouse can register to vote and apply for U.S. citizenship. However, marriages for citizenship are considered fraudulent and will be prosecuted as such. If your spouse is caught committing a fraud or immigration crime, you may face up to five years in prison and fines.


A sham marriage is a sham, and it can have grave consequences for everyone involved. According to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, it is a federal crime. A sham marriage occurs when a U.S. citizen is paid to marry a foreign national. The foreign spouse may then face restrictions on immigration status, as well as jail time. The scams of paying someone to marry me for citizenship can lead to severe consequences for both parties.

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The sham marriages are a type of immigration scam that entices foreign nationals to re-marry Americans to obtain a green card. The scam is often connected to a matchmaker who specializes in arranging sham marriages. Several sham marriages are actually connected to an immigration attorney, who arranges fake marriages to circumvent immigration laws. In fact, the same immigration attorney is also accused of representing a Somali terrorist in court.

Earlier this year, 11 Californians were arrested in connection with an immigration agency. They were accused of arranging hundreds of sham marriages for foreign nationals to obtain work permits in the U.S. The charge of conspiracy to commit immigration document fraud carries a five-year prison sentence, three-year supervised release, and a fine of $250,000, depending on the specifics. In one such case, a Filipino national who lives in Los Angeles was accused of arranging 400 sham marriages for his clients between October 2016 and March 2022.

This investigation uncovered a large-scale marriage fraud scheme that involved paying a foreign national to marry you for citizenship. The alleged ring ran a southwest Houston-based organization and had associates operating in Texas and Vietnam. The investigation resulted in an indictment for Ashley Yen Nguyen aka Duyen. While this sham marriage scheme is still ongoing, the sham marriages were a huge scam that made many foreign nationals vulnerable.

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