How Long Does it Take to Bring Spouse to USA 2020?

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How long does it take to bring spouse to USA 2020

To bring your spouse to the USA, you will need to file an I-130 application. This application is for the purpose of obtaining a green card for your spouse. The processing time for this application varies, depending on your case and immigration policies. The processing time can be extended significantly if there are irregularities with the case. These can include incorrect information on forms or previous immigration issues.


Immigrating to the United States with your spouse has never been easier or faster than with family reunification. You’re a United States citizen married to a foreign national and may be wondering what steps to take to sponsor your spouse’s immigration. While the quickest option may seem appealing, it’s important to avoid making mistakes that could result in negative consequences later.

The first step is to determine the eligibility of your spouse. Depending on their nationality, they must meet the legal requirements for immigration to the United States. If they are not citizens of the United States, they must first obtain a green card or be a lawful permanent resident. The next step involves filing the required forms and attending an interview at a U.S. consulate in their country. Once they have passed these requirements, they will become lawful permanent residents.

After getting married in the United States, your spouse can apply for a green card to immigrate to the United States. Obtaining a green card will give your spouse the opportunity to live and work in the United States. Once they have been granted a green card, your spouse can apply for citizenship, which can make the immigration process go much faster. Consular processing can take anywhere from 12 to 18 months.

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Obtaining a green card requires proof that your marriage is a legal one. Your spouse’s employment must be in the United States. You must also provide proof of any prior marriages that were legally terminated. A divorce decree or a death certificate are examples of valid proof of a prior marriage.

Applying for a green card with a spouse who is not a citizen requires a petition to be filed with the USCIS before you can apply for a visa. Once the petition has been approved, your spouse can then apply for a green card online. The green card process can take up to two years if your spouse is not present in the U.S. before your interview.

The process to bring your spouse to the USA can be lengthy and complicated. Depending on the circumstances of your situation, you may think it would be easier to marry on a tourist or visitor visa and then adjust status once in the United States.

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Documents required

Applicants who wish to bring their spouse to the USA for permanent residence must submit an application with the proper documentation. This includes the documents required to obtain a Green Card and a visa. The required documents include a court order, a marriage certificate, and a death certificate. Additionally, the applicant must submit a valid American passport.

After filing the required documentation, the spouse must attend a green card interview at the consulate or embassy. The interview will last for an hour. Consulates and embassy offices will inform the National Visa Center (NVC) when their interviews are available. These appointments are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Applicants should ensure that they do not plan to remain outside the country for an extended period of time. Otherwise, they risk having their Green Card revoked at the port of entry. In addition, if the US citizen spouse does not plan to make the US his main residence, he or she may be subjected to deportation.

A green card for a foreign spouse can take up to ten months to issue. While the process of getting a green card takes about two years, a fiance visa can be issued within ten months. However, the green card application process can take up to two years, and requires a petition to be filed with the USCIS.

Applicants must be over 18 years old. Those who are under the age of 18 must be legally married in order to apply for a green card. The applicant must also be a citizen of the USA and a permanent resident of the country. Once married, a spouse can apply for a green card.

An application for a green card can be filed online or at a U.S. embassy. Once the USCIS approves the application, the immigrant spouse will need to attend a visa interview at the U.S. consulate. After completing the interview, the spouse will be given a valid immigration visa with six months to visit the U.S. Once in the country, the spouse will receive a green card.

Time frame

In order to bring your spouse to the United States, you must apply for a green card or a visa. This process is relatively simple, but can take anywhere from two to 24 months. However, if your spouse is a legal permanent resident, it will take a little longer. There are no guarantees of a green card, so you’ll need to be patient.

Once you’ve determined the eligibility of your spouse, the next step is to file a petition with USCIS. The petition must be approved by USCIS before you can submit your application. After you file the petition, you’ll have to attend a visa interview. This process can take anywhere from three to five months, depending on where your visa is being processed.

Once USCIS approves your application, your spouse can apply for a green card. The process can take anywhere from three months to one year, depending on your specific circumstances. You’ll need to wait for your spouse’s priority date to change, but if you file for a green card, you can start working within a few months.

In order to bring your spouse to the USA, you must be married to a U.S. citizen. Once you’ve married, you’ll need to submit a Form I-130 petition to the USCIS. After this, your spouse must wait seven to fourteen months to be approved. In some cases, they will have to go back home for this waiting period. If you’re planning to bring your spouse to the USA, be sure to start the process as early as possible.

In addition to completing the I-130 petition, you’ll need to present biographical forms. This document proves your marriage is real. Also, if your spouse was born outside the US, they can be prohibited from coming to the country as an intended immigrant. You will need to provide proof of their citizenship before they can be granted a green card.

Once USCIS approves your I-130 petition, the National Visa Center (NVC) will begin processing your application. The NVC will then forward your spouse’s file to the nearest embassy or consulate. The embassy will then schedule an interview with your spouse and then issue an immigration visa. When they approve the application, you and your spouse can travel to the United States, and your spouse will receive a green card in a few weeks.

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